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If you missed the last event in Phoenix, AZ, it’s not too late.
Prepare to attend the upcoming night of worship this January, 2017.

Moving your dreams from your head to your heart; from your heart to your hands.

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The Journey Begins January 2, 2017 –
February 27, 2017.

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As we travel through this journey called “Life,” we often experience times when one season comes to an end, while a new one is on the horizon.

With each transition comes another opportunity for us to grow. A 40-Day Journey Through The Land of “In Between” is a devotional for those who are going through transition, on their way to transformation, in preparation for triumphant living. It will inspire and equip you, as you pass through your Land of “In Between;” the place where the Lord takes out the unnecessary residue of your yesterday and puts in the essentials needed for the new normal He’s preparing you for. “Life” may be the journey; but, “Transformation” is the final destination. So, Prepare For The Journey!!

This is one of the most encouraging books I’ve ever read! It doesn’t always give you what you want to hear but definitely gives you what you need!!! Truly inspiring and highly recommended.  – J. Marchak